Anime name Otsuru
Alternate names Okiku
Debut Episode 2: The Dream Reader (Anime)
Appears in Afro Samurai (Anime)
Race Human
Gender Female
Likes Afro
Family Afro (Lover)

Otsuru (大鶴, Ōtsuru), also known as Okiku (お菊, Okiku), she is a fictional character from Afro Samurai.

Appearance Edit

Otsuru has pale white skin, knee-length black hair and well endowed breasts. She has a long scar she received as a child, the night almost everyone was killed. She wears a white kimono, a grey obi and white tabi socks and sandals.



She is the one who discovered Afro in the shrine after he lost the Number Two headband as a boy, and took him to Sword Master's dojo where he befriended Jinno.

Afro SamuraiEdit

When she is introduced, she has once again found Afro in a near-death state (having been blown off a cliff by an RPG fired by Brother 6 and badly poisoned by an arrow in a fig


She is a young woman who specializes in the art of healing, Otsuru is an excellent cook and adores fireworks.


External LinksEdit

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