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Afro Samurai: Resurrection is an anime-film following directly after the original story-line of the Afro Samurai anime.


The story is about Afro refusing the Number One Headband and Sio and Kuma trying to get revenge on Afro.

The plot of the movie takes place several years after that afro defeat justice and becomes the owner of the number one band , but due to the overwhelming burden of deaths it brings afro decides to leave and try to find redemption and spends his time chopping wood figures

Unbeknownst to Afro he is in great danger now that an old enemy appears to seek revenge , a mysterious woman named Sio apparently suffered because of the actions of afro that not only have injured her but also her family , to Afro faces a new and improved Kuma who defeats Afro in seconds , not satisfied with this decision Sio takes the number one band and desecrates the tomb of Afro's father and then takes his remains to bring them to life and make him suffer in the same way she suffered

Now that you have also taken posession of the number one band , Afro bound by the code of samurai must again seek the band 's number two in order to meet Sio face to face and let his father rest in peace with the help of Ninja Ninja who has returned to accompany Afro on his quest , but not before complaining about any danger on the road beyond.To find the location of the current number two Afro and Ninja Ninja decide to go with number three, the only surviving brother of the seven empty clan who owns a small village club , here brother three tries to trick Afro in a game that he had arranged to have his head , however Afro is not fooled and threatens to kill brother three if he does not reveal everything he knows about the owner of the number two headband. Afro now continues his journey to find the owner of the band 's number two , which is a man known as Shichigoro which is possibly in a nearby town where they carry out a festival. On the way there Afro and Ninja Ninja witnesses to a man kidnapping a small child , the kidnapper recognizes Afro panics and tries to kill him, but he is finished a single move by Afro who manages to save the little one who soon after is reunited with his father, who happens to be the same Shichigoro as a thank you for saving his son Kotaro Already in one of the restaurants of conscious people Shichigoro knows the truth about Afro and tells the story of him and Kotaro , who really is not his son , but was adopted when his father who was obsessed with the bands was presumably murdered by the same Afro, then Shichigoro Kotaro leaves the restaurant owner and heads outside the city to fight Afro for the number Two headband the fight is difficult at first to Afro who is overwhelmed by the speed and skill that Shichigoro possesses, Afro trying to get him to a more closed space leads him to the center of town where a parade is taking place to continue their fight. Unknowingly, Sio has been watching Afro all the time and sends her men to eliminate him, they cause great chaos during the festival , causing the fright and death of many Amid all the chaos , Kotaro , who was sleeping in the restaurant , wakes up and goes to look for his father. After defeating Sio's men, Afro and Shichigoro continue their fight, at that time Afro capitalizes on Shichigoro's neglect and manages to attack and kill him before the eyes of Kotaro. Devastated , he can only mourn over the body of the man he came to consider a father After leaving the village, Afro has a brief confrontation with Sio and Kuma , where it shows a head rebuilt his father through the bones I take your tuma , Afro can not believe what he sees and rushes to attack Sio , but is stopped by Kuma before he could reach her, before escaping the place Sio tells him to be waiting in a place known for both, this Afro information part of the old park where the Sio and Jihno they used to meet before the Afro kill his master Along the way, Afro is followed for several days by Kotaro , who seeks to avenger for the death of his father as Afro did several years ago, however after many days without food or water Kotaro falls fainted to possibly have been his death, but is saved by Afro proporsiona who would own a little water so he could continue Siblings of Sio , who were reconstructed by Dharman planned ambush Afro and end the so Sio not bear sin brings kill, however despite all amendments teams are no match for Afro who ends up killing them one one Sio who had not allowed out , discovers that Dharman who was the command to kill Afro believing that all would achieve the end , Sio in a rage killing ends improvements aselera Dharma and the process of cloning which were putting proof Afro 's father Already once reached its Afro destination, because the cloning process had been altered by Sio , meets Sio Kuma and the clone of his father, with whom he is bound to have a fierce battle the father of Afro begins go crazy and lose sanity in battle Afro unable to fight his own father surrenders and is suffocated by this until he apparently dead Kuma starts reacting and regains consciousness who is really desperate attempts to fight the father of Afro and even manages to damage in various occasions , ends up being dismembered by this , Sio who tries to save him is crossed by one of the swords of Kuma and end both dying together The electric shock sent by the mechanical parts of the body destroyed Kuma make their way into Afro and ends in bringing him back if Afro who has a vision of his father, who is understood that the front is just a zombie and that his real father died a long time ago , will now both face and Afro gets out victorious, before moving on to found again Kotaro , who gives the band number two so that when ready can confront him. Finally the number one band returned with follow deside Afro back to Mount Fuji , but not before having a little chat with Ninja Ninja who says that despite the same way again Kill once again, maybe that's the best desicion that could take Moreover, in some unknown place who says he has waited for a long time , after that you can see the reflection of this travez of his pupils implying that had not been totally defeated by Takimoto meets Afro justice in the past. 

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